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Wives Affected by Pornography - Process Group

Do you feel betrayed by your husband through his pornography use? Research shows that wives of husbands who use/have used pornography often report: Lowered Self Esteem Lower Marital Satisfaction Distrust in Husband. The Wives Affected by Pornography process group provides a place of safety to process your betrayal & recovery and support other women in their recovery.

The group is 1 hour a week for 9 weeks. The cost is $40 per week ($360 total). Participation in the group requires a commitment to all 9 weeks. The group is more cost effective than individual counseling (which would be $900 for 9 weeks)

Melissa Ostrander, MAMFC, LPCA can be contacted by email: melissaocounseling@gmail.com **Please include Wives Affected by Pornography or W.A.P. in the subject line.

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Pornography's Prey Seminar
Call today to schdeule this seminar at your organization.

"Troy Peverall's workshop on pornography provides information every parent needs since a child's access to pornography is as close as their computer or smart phone. Troy's presentation on the neurological impact on the brain is presented in a way that is completely understandable by parents and professionals. I enthusiastically recommend this workshop."
Phillip A. Mooring, MS, LCAS, CSAPC
Executive Director
Families in Action, Inc.

"This seminar will give you insight into a hidden world that is affecting many of the lives around you.  Since attending  I am more equipped to help those seeking a way out of this difficult issue.  As a pastor I now see more clearly the need to help our people understand pornography and the damage it produces in both children and adults. This class is worth your time and I highly recommend it!"

Jim Snider

Life Care Pastor

Life Community Church


Positive Impact Substance Awareness
  • A substance abuse group for teens-
  • Times: Mondays from 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Location: Wilmington office
  • To Register, call 910-251-7789

Bring these seminars to your organization!

  • A Stop/Start Approach to Parenting
  • Pornography's Prey
  • Building Boundaries to Busy Lives
  • Finding Freedom from a Pornographic Culture
  • Alcohol & Drugs Finding & Solution
  • Helping Teens Counter Their Culture
  • A Healthy Marriage that Lasts

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