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Mission Statement

Our mission is to "Restore Souls to Health and Peace" through counseling, teaching and life/ministry coaching.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leading provider in Southeastern N.C. providing Professional Clinical Christian Counseling services

Core Values

We value each person we serve as someone who has great worth and purpose in life.

We value a gentle, honest, and prayerful approach with every person we serve.

We value the highest of quality care and professionalism to those we serve.

We value a team perspective in the care we give to those we serve.

Statements of Faith

We do not impose our faith/beliefs upon anyone, but we are not ashamed to expose principles of faith when and only if it is appropriate and does not cause harm.

We believe that people will discover an abundant life of health and peace through the principles of the Christian faith.

We believe that all people are created by God and for God.

We believe God exists in three persons with whom we are able to be in intimate relationships. (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.)

We believe that the Creator has given us His Holy Spirit to teach, comfort and guide us in all our affairs.

We believe that His written word to us has been given to us through the Bible, which is inspired directly from God through man and is perfect in its intention and origin.


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